Former U.S. Federal Prosecutor Vasu Muthyala Analyzes the Anti-Corruption Landscape in India

January 31, 2017

Publication: India Business Law Journal

India is the world’s third-largest economy and has become increasingly welcoming for foreign investors and multinational corporations in recent years. Despite this, the market is rife with challenges for multinational companies doing business there, including corruption landmines that they may be unequipped to navigate. Vasu Muthyala, an Asia-based member of the firm’s Government Enforcement Defense team and a former federal prosecutor, discusses common pitfalls for foreign companies operating in India, the increasingly regulated environment in India, and potential implications with U.S. authorities. Along with co-author Nan Wang, he provides practical insights in the latest edition of the India Business Law Journal for building a defense system, including conducting due diligence, hiring the right compliance and business personnel, building a robust compliance program and training employees.

The article, “Of Carrots and Sticks,” can be read here.