Edward Bibko on Global General Counsel Role in Interview with Corporate Counsel

June 29, 2021

Publication: Corporate Counsel

Touching on his new role at Kobre & Kim, environmental and diversity initiatives, the future of the legal industry and more, Kobre & Kim global general counsel Edward Bibko sat down with Corporate Counsel for an in-depth interview.

Mr. Bibko discussed joining the firm as it grows and diversifies, with his in-house experience at Jefferies bringing a “new skill-set” and “a new perspective to business development.” His experience running a practice group in a large law firm also informs his leadership and management skills. Mr. Bibko also shared his thoughts on general counsels driving a company’s environmental and diversity initiatives, both of which can deliver benefits to the company.

As for the effect of the pandemic on the legal industry, Mr. Bibko is more skeptical of dramatic changes, particularly with regards to remote working. Still, he believes that the pandemic will “accelerate the pace of near-shoring as law firms become more accustomed to working with others virtually.” He also points out that as law firms become better at measure the profitability of each partner, there will be a clearer divide between the “haves and have nots” within the legal profession.

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