Benjamin Sirota, Nicholas Surmacz and Joshua Huang on Antitrust and Offensive Investigations in Part 2 of “Antitrust” Podcast Series

February 23, 2021

Publication: In House Warrior

Around the world, government-led antitrust actions and associated private litigation—such as the ongoing “techlash” phenomenon in the United States—are on the rise.   Many companies naturally view this trend as creating risk and possible exposure.  But companies are also advised to consider how to deploy antitrust tools offensively.  Kobre & Kim lawyers Benjamin Sirota, Nicholas Surmacz and Joshua Huang, from the firm’s offices in New York, London and Shanghai, outline some of the ways that companies can leverage emerging antitrust trends to solve their commercial problems, in the second episode of the In House Warrior podcast’s three-part Antitrust series.

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