Benjamin Sirota, Daniel Zaheer and Michael Ng on the Intersection of Antitrust and Intellectual Property

January 25, 2021

Publication: In House Warrior

Though often perceived as opposing forces, antitrust and intellectual property (IP) law are now converging in courtrooms around the world. How can in-house and general counsel navigate cases where one must balance free competition with limited monopolies? Kobre & Kim lawyers Benjamin Sirota, Daniel Zaheer and Michael Ng, discussed the intersection of IP and antitrust with Richard Levick in the first episode of the In House Warrior podcast’s three part “Antitrust” series.

 Mr. Sirota, Mr. Zaheer and Mr. Ng explain the complexities that arise when antitrust and IP cases come together across jurisdictions. In particular, Mr. Sirota, Mr. Zaheer and Mr. Ng explore the differences between European and U.S. courts, concluding that navigating multiple regimes simultaneously requires an understanding of both antitrust and IP law.

Mr. Sirota, Mr. Zaheer and Mr. Ng each provide a prediction on upcoming antitrust trends. These predictions center on the increasing prevalence of antitrust cases, particularly those outside of typical forums, and the international nature of antitrust and IP that will only continue to intensify.

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