Andrew Stafford KC and Oleg Shaulko in Law360: Where Do The Bounds Of Sovereign Immunity Lie?

November 23, 2021

Publication: Law360

Present and former state officials have often taken advantage of the blurred lines regarding their immunity from judicial scrutiny. Foreign courts tread lightly in this arena knowing that their opinions and judgements have lasting significance.

Two cases have recently bubbled to the surface in the UK — one of which awaits judgment from the UK Supreme Court. In each case, the issue involved questions as to the boundary between the exercise of sovereign authority, and commercial or private activity.

Kobre & Kim's London-based lawyers Andrew Stafford KC and Oleg Shaulko, who focus their practices on cross-border judgment enforcement matters involving sovereign entities, dive into the main issue in their article "How Immune are State Agents from Foreign Courts?" on Law360: Is there a boundary to this immunity, and if so where should it be drawn?

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