Financial Products & Services Litigation

We focus on high-stakes litigation for major participants in the financial services industry, as both claimants and defendants, involving some of the most complex and esoteric financial instruments in today's market. We are noted for our conflict-free profile, which allows us to aggressively pursue claims against virtually any institution.

Publications March 10, 2021

Benjamin Sirota and David McGill on Antitrust and Financial Services in Part 3 of Antitrust Podcast Series

Financial services institutions often focus on the actions of enforcers like the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in assessing their exposure.  And rightly so.  What they may fail to consider, however, are the antitrust risks of their business dealings, particularly as government enforcement agencies and private parties increasingly employ antitrust perspectives. 

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Publications March 2, 2021

Kobre & Kim Lawyers in CoinDesk Op-Ed: The Dangers of Calling the GameStop Rally “Market Manipulation”

The rise and fall of GameStop, Dogecoin and other meme stocks have left day traders and institutional investors angrily accusing each other of market manipulation. However, as Kobre & Kim’s Benjamin Sauter, Steven Perlstein, William McGovern and David McGill explained in an op-ed for CoinDesk, both sides may come to regret this shortsighted argument.

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Publications March 2, 2021

Benjamin Sauter Speaks with Cointelegraph on U.S. State vs Federal Digital Currency Regulation

Days before New York reached a settlement with digital currency trading platform Bitfinex after a long investigation, Ripple Labs registered as a business in Wyoming, underscoring the Swiss-cheese state of U.S. digital currency regulation and Wyoming’s effort to become the country’s digital currency center. Kobre & Kim’s Benjamin Sauter analyzed the current regulatory framework when he sat down with Cointelegraph.

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Publications February 4, 2021

David McGill Discusses Implications of GameStop Rally with Compliance Week

As U.S. financial regulators meet to discuss the wild market swings in GameStop and other stocks, Kobre & Kim’s David McGill told Compliance Week that what happened may just be “the tip of the iceberg.”

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Publications January 29, 2021

Andrew Lourie on Market Manipulation and the Legal Risks Facing Gamestop Traders

Reddit users’ efforts to squeeze short sellers by driving up the stock price of Gamestop has drawn the attention of regulators. Kobre & Kim’s Andrew Lourie, a former U.S. Department of Justice lawyer focused on market manipulation, analyzed what legal action may follow when he sat down with Yahoo Finance.

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Events November 17, 2020

Nick Cherryman Joins Panel on Debt Enforcement Strategies for Indian Banks with Non-Performing Loans

A critical issue for Indian banks has been the amount of non-performing loans weighing down their balance sheets and profitability. Fortunately, as Kobre & Kim’s Nick Cherryman will discuss on an InformaConnect virtual panel at 4:45pm New Delhi time / 11:15am London time, November 19, 2020, there are global solutions to this seemingly intractable problem.

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Publications September 9, 2020

Benjamin Sauter on Responding to the Ethereum Classic Attack and the Implications for the Blockchain Industry

What is the response to the latest attacks on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, and what does this mean for the blockchain and digital currency industry as a whole? Kobre & Kim’s Benjamin Sauter, joined by CEO of ETC Labs Terry Culver, discussed these issues and more in a video interview with Forkast News.

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Firm News August 7, 2020

Kobre & Kim, on Behalf of ETC Labs, to Pursue Ethereum Classic Blockchain Attackers

Kobre & Kim is working with Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs), the core development and accelerator organization for the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, to pursue legal remedies against the perpetrators of recent attacks on the blockchain.

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Publications August 4, 2020

Benjamin Sauter on the CFTC’s Strategic Plan for Digital Assets

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently outlined its strategic plans for the regulation of cryptocurrencies by 2024. Kobre & Kim’s Benjamin Sauter sat down with Forkast.News to explain the potential implications.

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Accolades July 10, 2020

Kobre & Kim, Robin Rathmell Receive Chambers Recognition for Financial Crime Involving HNWI’s

Both Kobre & Kim and lawyer Robin Rathmell have received Band 2 rankings from UK-based Chambers and Partners for their handling of cross-border financial crime matters involving high-net-worth individuals (HNWI’s).

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Publications June 9, 2020

Zach Rosenbaum and Danielle Rose on Looming CLO Litigation post COVID-19

Collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) managed to avoid the protracted legal battles faced by collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) after 2008, but the COVID-19 recession may change that. Kobre & Kim’s Zach Rosenbaum and Danielle Rose sat down with GlobalCapital to explain why.

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Publications May 29, 2020

Michael Kim, Daniel Lee and Nathan Park on South Korea’s New Digital Currency Legal Regime

“The days of South Korea as the ‘wild west’ of digital currencies are no more,” Kobre & Kim’s Michael Kim, Daniel Lee and Nathan Park wrote in a recent analysis of South Korea’s digital currency legal regime for Asia Business Law Journal.

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Publications May 26, 2020

Kobre & Kim on Navigating Post COVID-19 Valuation Disputes in Bloomberg Law

Massive market swings and volatility during the current COVID-19 economic downturn have created an environment ripe for valuation disputes over the coming months and years, as a group of financial services lawyers from Kobre & Kim point out in a recent editorial in Bloomberg Law.

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Events May 19, 2020

Danielle Rose and Zachary Rosenbaum on the Post-COVID-19 Legal Landscape for CLOs

Amidst one of the worst recessions in modern history, the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market is becoming especially vulnerable as credit conditions deteriorate. From 10am to 11am ET, May 28, 2020, Kobre & Kim’s Danielle Rose and Zachary Rosenbaum will lead a virtual panel and Q&A discussing what may lie ahead.

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Publications April 15, 2020

Zachary Rosenbaum Convinces Court with “Damning” Evidence in Fund Ponzi Suit

Kobre & Kim’s Zachary Rosenbaum achieved a recent win when a New Jersey state judge agreed with his argument to deny a motion by Apex Fund Services Holdings Ltd. and others to let them out of a U.S. $40 million lawsuit linked to a Ponzi scheme, Law360 reports.

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