Amanda Tuminelli Shares Litigator Tips on Recovering Cryptocurrency During OffshoreAlert Miami 2022 Conference

April 29, 2022

As the use of digital and cryptocurrency rises, so too do instances of crypto fraud and theft, increasing the need for asset recovery specialists, investigators and litigators to adapt their techniques to handle this new technology. Kobre & Kim’s Amanda Tuminelli, who represents clients in the digital currency industry in government investigations, shared her experience in this area at the OffshoreAlert Miami 2022 conference during a panel discussion on April 25, 2022.

The panel, “Crypto Litigation: Tips From Litigators,” also featured Dani Haston of Chainalysis, Daniel Coyle of Sequor Law and Syed Rahman of Rahman Ravelli. Together, they discussed their past experiences bringing lawsuits around the world to recover cryptocurrency from exchanges and other entities, offering tips to other litigators on avoiding common problems and gearing their strategies for effectiveness.

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