Our global offices allow us to bring together the right team of U.S. litigators, English barristers and solicitors (including Queen's Counsel), Hong Kong solicitors, and offshore lawyers equipped to handle the unique issues inherent in complex cross-border disputes and investigations. Our team of lawyers includes former U.S. federal and state prosecutors, English and offshore judges, and arbitrators. 

Our team of legal analysts work closely with the lawyers and, under their supervision, provide research and analysis for every stage of a matter. In addition, the lawyers are supported by an executive team of technology, e-discovery, case management, and public relations professionals to provide clients with practical business solutions that complement the legal strategy. 

  • Martin De Luca


    Martin De Luca assessora pessoas físicas e jurídicas baseadas na América Latina em ações movidas pelo governo e confisco de ativos relacionados, investigações internas transnacionais e monitoramento de cumprimento das leis.

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