Insolvency & Debtor-Creditor Disputes

We serve as special litigation counsel providing conflict-free, aggressive advocacy. We avoid repeat, ongoing client relationships and the conflicts of interest that can develop as a result. Accordingly, we maintain our independence as advocates ready to litigate against virtually any institution.

Events April 1, 2019

Daniel Saval Explores Strategies for Crypto Asset Recovery at the INSOL International Conference in Singapore

Kobre & Kim’s Daniel Saval brings his experience in both high-stakes insolvency as well as cryptocurrency to the INSOL International Annual Regional Conference in Singapore on April 4th.

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Events March 26, 2019

Rebecca Hume Delivers Webinar on Resolving Shareholder Disputes with Financial Poise

On March 26th, Kobre & Kim’s Rebecca Hume participated in a Webinar panel on Resolving Shareholder Disputes as part of Financial Poise’s series on Common Commercial Conflicts 2019.

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Events February 25, 2019

Jef Klazen to Discuss Breaking Trusts and Recovering Assets in Fraud Cases

Kobre & Kim attorney Jef Klazen, who has extensive experience in cross-border asset tracing and recovery, will explore asset protection trusts in the U.S and how to impede individuals attempting to protect assets from creditors within them as part of the panel entitled “Asset Protection Trusts: How to Break Them,” at KNect365 Law’s Asset Recovery International conference in Dublin, Ireland on March 1.

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Events February 13, 2019

Jeremy Hollembeak to Deliver Webinar on Ultra Petroleum, Make Whole Premiums and Bankruptcy Litigation

With his expertise in bankruptcy and debtor-creditor litigation, Kobre & Kim attorney Jeremy Hollembeak will discuss changes to the treatment of Make-Whole Premiums following the U.S. 5th Circuit's decision in In Re: Ultra Petroleum Corporation during a webinar hosted by the American Bar Association on February 19.

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Events January 4, 2019

Offshore Lawyers Rebecca Hume and Peter Tyers-Smith Explore Cross-border Insolvency at ABI’s Caribbean Insolvency Symposium

Offshore lawyers Rebecca Hume and Peter Tyers-Smith will explore cross-border insolvency at the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Caribbean Insolvency Symposium.

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Publications December 20, 2018

Kobre & Kim Attorney Dan Saval Talks Bankruptcy Issues in Cryptocurrency on Debtwire Radio

Kobre & Kim attorney Dan Saval recently spoke with Debtwire Radio on the rise of bankruptcy and cases impacting some of the largest digital currency exchanges in the industry.

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Events October 16, 2018

John Couriel and Daniel Saval Discuss International and Crypto Asset Tracing in Insolvency

John Couriel and Daniel Saval will discuss asset tracing and recovery strategies at the 14th Annual International Insolvency Symposium in Milan, Italy.

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Events June 5, 2018

Randall Arthur Provides Insight into Monetizing Judgments and the Insolvency Process at the Asset Recovery Asia Conference

Hong Kong-based lawyer Randall Arthur will explore direct enforcement of overseas judgments by insolvency practitioners at Asset Recovery Asia taking place on June 5-6 in Singapore.

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Client Alert June 1, 2018

Looking to Enforce a Judgment in the U.S.?

  • U.S. courts traditionally have been a generous forum for foreign judgment creditors.
  • A recent ruling from a New York state court has further broken down barriers for recognition of a foreign judgment in the U.S., even when the debtor is subject to a foreign insolvency proceeding.
  • The New York decision is part of a trend of U.S. courts rejecting "fairness" and "corruption" challenges to Russian courts' judgments. Similar challenges can be overcome with the aid of proper counsel.

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Events April 25, 2018

Farrington Yates Examines the Impact of Technology on Restructuring

INSOL fellow Farrington Yates will lead a discussion on the financial ramifications of data breaches, hacks and phishing scams at the INSOL New York Annual Regional Conference on April 30. The panel will explore the impact of privacy and data breaches on businesses and how the misuse of this data may lead to corporate restructurings.     

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Events April 19, 2018

Insolvency Lawyer Daniel Saval Explores Offshore Restructuring at INSOL’s Annual Regional Conference

INSOL fellow Daniel Saval will discuss issues that commonly arise in international restructurings at the INSOL Annual Regional conference on April 29. On the panel titled “Offshore Restructuring: The Legal Overlay,” he will explore what happens when a proceeding is initiated, key issues lawyers often face, and strategies for implementing a restructuring in offshore and onshore jurisdictions.  

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Events March 19, 2018

Rebecca Hume Explores the Importance of Prioritizing Claims in Cross-Border Insolvency Disputes

Insolvency litigator Rebecca Hume will discuss the necessity of prioritizing claims in cross-border insolvency proceedings at INSOL’s Buenos Aires One Day Seminar on March 22. The panel will compare the various bankruptcy systems in different jurisdictions, focusing on how best to structure those claims to maximize results.

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Events March 5, 2018

George Utlik Examines the U.S. Litigation Tools Available in Cross-Border Insolvency Disputes

George Utlik will explore how the revised insolvency law in Russia impacts the use of U.S. litigation tools in international disputes at the British Russian Law Association seminar on March 6.

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Events February 28, 2018

Rebecca Hume and Andrew Stafford QC Discuss International Asset Recovery and Fraud Litigation

Rebecca Hume and Andrew Stafford QC will examine international judgment enforcement, asset recovery and fraud litigation on February 28 at KNect’s “Asset Recovery: Fraud Litigation, Enforcement & Contentious Insolvency” conference.

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Events February 9, 2018

Farrington Yates Explores Offshore Insolvency and Recovery Strategies at ARIL Conference

Farrington Yates will share effective strategies for offshore insolvency and recovery February 9 at the Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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