Shaun Wu on how AI is Changing the Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Landscape

November 8, 2019

Kobre and Kim’s Shaun Wu recently led a panel at Trace International’s 2019 International Anti-Corruption Compliance Summit in Shanghai on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning on anti-corruption compliance both inside and outside of greater China.

Mr. Wu delved into the areas of management and compliance most affected by technological change, including the areas that are the most difficult to automate via AI and machine learning.

Wu also touched on challenges corporations face when adopting AI and machine learning, making note of how different companies can experience different effects based on their respective industries.

Additionally, Wu explained how technology has affected not only the anti-corruption compliance landscape within greater China, but also corporations outside of greater China that may be slower to adopt AI and machine learning.

To close the panel, Wu gave insights on how to properly manage and structure anti-corruption compliance, including which departments should take leads on AI and machine learning. This also included Wu’s advice for legal departments, compliance functions, IT teams, outside counsel, and external consultants on how to manage the process by setting “checks and balances” safeguards.