Kobre & Kim’s Robert Henoch sits down with the Israel CFO Forum

July 30, 2019

Publication: CFO Forum

Following his presentation at the CFO Forum, Robert Henoch sat down with the Israel CFO Forum to discuss the risk posed to Israel-based companies by U.S. agencies such as the IRS, SEC and DOJ, as well as how to mitigate them with timely responses. “It’s very important for CFOs to understand that the U.S. is a ‘long-arm’ jurisdiction,” Mr. Henoch says. “Any small connection to the U.S. can provide authority to the Americans to enforce U.S. law over Israeli companies.”

Additionally, he also discussed the benefits of litigation financing for small companies in Israel. He noted the Kobre & Kim-Bentham IMF fund is most suitable for those trying to pursue claims against large corporations with deep pockets in the U.S. legal system. “Oftentimes, smaller Israeli companies like these don’t have the funds to sue large foreign companies for stealing their technology,” explains Mr. Henoch. “Our litigation fund offers a line of credit that can fund litigation for Israeli companies like these, at zero financial risk to the company.”

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