Jason Masimore, Robin Rathmell, and Andrew Wang On How to Strategize Against a U.S. Government Asset Forfeiture

June 4, 2018

U.S. authorities have broad powers to seize assets suspected of being traceable to criminal activity. Without understanding the distinctions between the various seizure methods, clients may face obstacles in responding and defending their assets. London-based former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Jason Masimore, along with London- and Washington DC-based asset forfeiture defense lawyer Robin Rathmell, and government enforcement defense lawyer Andrew Wang, outline some practical steps to take when the U.S. government uses one of the three mechanisms available under U.S. asset forfeiture law to seize assets without notice. 

The article, “US authorities can forfeit assets by surprise but the right response strategy is key to speedy relief,” which appeared in the International Bar Association’s International Litigation News journal, is available here.