Kobre & Kim Co-Hosts Panel in São Paulo: “Crypto in Brazil: Navigating the Legal Pitfalls”

August 30, 2022

Brazil, one of the largest crypto markets in the world, is contemplating how to best regulate the crypto industry in the years to come. Lessons learned in the U.S. include a real need to balance regulation and innovation, avoid backwards-looking regulation by enforcement and avoid piling on by multiple government agencies. Kobre & Kim and Bottini & Tamasauskas hosted a panel discussion to examine these topics on August 24, 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Entitled “Crypto in Brazil: Navigating the Legal Pitfalls,” the panel was moderated by Kobre & Kim’s Carolina Leung, and featured as speakers Kobre & Kim’s Amanda Tuminelli and Evelyn Sheehan, as well as Pierpaolo Bottini of Bottini & Tamasauskas and Vanessa Butalla, the Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Executive Director at 2TM/Mercado Bitcoin. 

The panel touched on topics including current regulation and enforcement trends in Brazil, with concerns focused on money laundering; legal risks facing stakeholders in the face of minimal regulation and unclear standards; the lack of forward-looking laws as regulations constantly play catch-up, which may deter innovation; lessons from U.S. attempts at regulation; and recovering stolen crypto assets.

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