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Alan Guy Joins Virtual Panel on How Thinking Like a Litigation Funder Improve Client and Law Firm Decision Making

September 11, 2020

What can the techniques of litigation funders teach law firms and in-house counsel about their own litigation decisions? Kobre & Kim’s Managing Director for Underwriting and Value Optimization Alan Guy will share insights on this and other topics in a webinar on September 16, 12pm EDT.

During the webinar, titled “Modeling Litigation Funding Agreements – Negotiating Fair Outcomes for Clients and the Firm” and hosted by Legal Value Network and Validity Finance, LLC, Guy will be joined by Jordan Aily of Validity Finance and Alex Macdonald of McCarter & English LLP. They will discuss how litigation funding and the methods used by litigation funders to analyze claims, such as evaluating risk and rate of return, can provide powerful tools to help law firms frame litigation decisions as what they are – investment decisions.

By approaching litigation like any other major investment decision, in-house attorneys and external counsel can make smarter decisions about when to litigate and how to pay for it, as well as more effectively manage legal liabilities and monetize legal assets. This is all the more valuable now, as the economic downturn forces in-house counsel to protect their balance sheets and law firms to look to sustain legal actions and attract clients.