Many of our engagements involve matters in which our clients face significant public attention. The following is a list of news stories about the firm, our clients, cases and the results we have achieved.

Publications May 21, 2020

Kobre & Kim on the U.S. TRAP Act and the (Potential) End of INTERPOL Notice Misuse in Law360

In recent years, the INTERPOL notice system has been misused by certain countries aiming to target and intimidate political rivals. But with the proposal of the Transnational Repression Accountability and Prevention (TRAP) Act in U.S. Congress, this is a problem that might finally be addressed. 

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Publications May 14, 2020

Podcast: Robin Rathmell on the Compliance Risks for Companies that Deal with High-Net-Worth Clients

Kobre & Kim’s Robin Rathmell was interviewed by Corporate Counsel Business Journal for their “In House Warrior” podcast, released on May 14, 2020, where he discussed the biggest legal risks for companies that work with high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs).

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Publications May 11, 2020

Daniel Saval on Faraday Founder Jia Yueting’s Evasive Bankruptcy Plan

Kobre & Kim’s Daniel Saval recently spoke with The Wire China on the bankruptcy of Jia Yueting, the founder of the electric car company Faraday Future.

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Publications May 8, 2020

Michael Kim: Post-COVID Landscape Will Yield Increased Fraud on Global (non-U.S.) Scale

Kobre & Kim founding partner Michael Kim recently sat down with Dan Packel of the American Lawyer to discuss how he thinks any ensuing recession in the wake of COVID-19 will see a rush of fraud-related claims, as well as creditor-debtor disputes on a global scale that was unseen in the 2007-8 global financial crisis.

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Publications May 8, 2020

Robin Rathmell Speaks with The New York Times on Ultra High-Net-Worth Individual Matrimonial Disputes in the time of COVID-19

Kobre & Kim’s Robin Rathmell recently spoke with Paul Sullivan, who runs the New York Times’ “Wealth Matters” column, on how court closures and operational changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have affected divorce proceedings involving ultra high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs).

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Publications May 7, 2020

Michael Rosen Discusses the Economic Impact of COVID-19 with Israeli Newspaper Calcalist

Kobre & Kim’s Michael Rosen was recently quoted in the Israeli business newspaper Calcalist, discussing how amongst the devastation of COVID-19, the firm is trying to find some silver linings.

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Publications April 30, 2020

Oleg Shaulko on the Potential New Wave of Litigation Funding in Ukraine

Kobre & Kim’s Oleg Shaulko penned an article in Law360 discussing a proposed Ukrainian law that opens up opportunities for third party litigation funders, in an effort to drive cross-border asset recovery efforts and ultimately fight corruption.

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Publications April 23, 2020

Scott Hulsey, William McGovern, Benjamin Sauter and Hartley West on the Risk of Regulatory Scrutiny for Companies Post-COVID-19

Kobre & Kim’s Scott Hulsey, William McGovern, Benjamin Sauter and Hartley West, who all focus on different aspects of defensive counsel against government enforcement actions and investigations, collaborated on an article for Corporate Counsel that takes an in-depth look at the regulatory risks public companies and traders face during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Publications April 21, 2020

Scott Hulsey: The Landscape of U.S. Corporate Fraud and Corruption in 2020

Kobre & Kim’s Scott Hulsey recently sat down with Financier Worldwide to share his thoughts on recent trends in corporate fraud and corruption in the United States.

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Publications April 15, 2020

Zachary Rosenbaum Convinces Court with “Damning” Evidence in Fund Ponzi Suit

Kobre & Kim’s Zachary Rosenbaum achieved a recent win when a New Jersey state judge agreed with his argument to deny a motion by Apex Fund Services Holdings Ltd. and others to let them out of a U.S. $40 million lawsuit linked to a Ponzi scheme, Law360 reports.

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Publications April 14, 2020

Ninth Circuit Reverses Dismissal of Privacy-Related Claims Against Facebook, Adopting Arguments in Amicus Brief by Kobre & Kim

Kobre & Kim’s Steven Perlstein was recently quoted by the Daily Journal, commenting on the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate a class claim against Facebook over the social network’s profiting off users’ personal data – an opinion with potentially far-reaching consequences in today’s data-driven economy.

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Publications April 3, 2020

Calvin Koo on Hong Kong Courts’ Use of Long-Standing Legal Tools to Cutting-Edge Technologies

Kobre & Kim’s Calvin Koo has published an article in Hong Kong Lawyer, where he details Hong Kong courts’ recent application of long-standing legal concepts to new technologies like cryptocurrency and smartphones.

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Publications April 2, 2020

Matthew Boucher and Nathan Park on “The Future of Chaebols”

Kobre & Kim’s Matthew Boucher and Nathan Park sat down with Global Competition Review to discuss recent enforcement trends from South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), the country’s competition watchdog.

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Publications March 30, 2020

Martin De Luca Talks Force Majeure and New York Law with Law360

Kobre & Kim’s Martin De Luca sat down with Law360 to discuss the coming coronavirus-related litigation centered on force majeure clauses, which can excuse businesses from their contractual obligations due to “acts of God” or events outside their control.

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Publications March 26, 2020

Jef Klazen on the Challenges and Opportunities of Global Asset Recovery in 2020

Kobre & Kim’s Jef Klazen recently sat down with Corporate Disputes and shared his insights with a roundtable on the international challenges of asset tracing and recovery. 

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