Many of our engagements involve matters in which our clients face significant public attention. The following is a list of news stories about the firm, our clients, cases and the results we have achieved.

Events July 22, 2019

Vasu Muthyala Conducts Anti-Corruption and Compliance Workshop in Washington DC

On July 23, Kobre & Kim’s Vasu Muthyala will be conducting a workshop at American Conference Institute’s Anti-Corruption Compliance for High Risk Markets in Washington DC.

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Events July 2, 2019

Vasu Muthyala Discusses Volkswagen and Compliance at the TRACE Bribery and Economic Crime Summit

On Wednesday, June 26, Kobre & Kim’s Vasu Muthyala moderated a session entitled “What Went Wrong – The Volkswagen Story” at TRACE International’s Bribery and Economic Crime Summit in Vancouver, Canada.

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Events June 19, 2019

Robin Rathmell Discusses Cross-Border Asset Forfeiture at STEP Israel

Kobre & Kim’s Robin Rathmell will join a panel discussion on defending trusts against cross-border asset forfeiture at STEP Israel’s Annual Conference on June 19 in Tel Aviv.

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Events June 18, 2019

William McGovern Discusses Shifting U.S. Immigration Enforcement at the Annual Conference on Immigration Law

New U.S. policies now permit U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to use Interpol red notices as a basis to detain non-citizens in the United States.

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Events June 13, 2019

Adam Lavine Discusses Asset Recovery Strategies at III NextGen

On Sunday, June 16th, Kobre & Kim lawyer Adam Lavine will join a panel discussion focusing on asset recovery strategies in cross-border insolvency cases at the 19th Annual International Insolvency Conference’s NextGen Leadership Program in Barcelona, Spain.

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Events June 10, 2019

Sean Buckley, Scott Hulsey and Beau Barnes speak to the USCBC on US Businesses, National Security, and China

Sean Buckley, Scott Hulsey, and Beau Barnes, lawyers at Kobre & Kim who often represent global clients in disputes and investigations involving state security, will speak to the U.S.-China Business Council on June 10th about the ever-important factor of “national security” in current China - U.S. relations.

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Events June 5, 2019

Evelyn Sheehan Discusses the Challenges of Conducting Internal Investigations

Kobre & Kim’s Evelyn Sheehan will join the panel “Challenging Issues in Internal Investigations” at Latin Lawyer’s GIR Live Anti-Corruption & Investigations symposium on June 6th in Mexico City to address the key components of selecting an effective and reliable counsel to carry out compliance measures.

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Events June 3, 2019

Farrington Yates Discusses Forum Shopping Issues in Fraud and Insolvency

On June 3rd, Kobre & Kim’s Farrington Yates will join a panel entitled “Forum Shopping” at KNect’s Asset Recovery Latin America conference in São Paulo. 

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Events June 3, 2019

John Han and Wade Weems Lead Seminar on Unfair Competition Practices in the PRC, Southeast Asia

John Han and Wade Weems of Kobre & Kim will be leading a seminar discussion on unfair business practices in the PRC and Southeast Asia, and key strategies that global companies can employ to defend themselves accordingly from threats such as IP theft and counterfeiting.

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Events May 29, 2019

Wade Weems Teams Up with Heywon Shin to Present on Voluntary Disclosure

Kobre & Kim’s Wade Weems, a former U.S. federal prosecutor who specializes in cross-border criminal cases and U.S. government enforcement action, partnered with Heywon Shin, the Vice President of Global Economic Sanctions for Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Hong Kong) to deliver key paths and examples on voluntary self-disclosure.

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Events May 20, 2019

Martin De Luca Leads Discussion on Embezzled Asset Tracing and Retrieval at ACI’s Ninth Anti-Corruption Summit, Brazil

Following one of the largest public bribery cases in Brazilian history, anti-corruption is an increasingly vital topic of consideration for those connected to the Brazilian market. 

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Events May 15, 2019

Farrington Yates Discusses Litigation Finance at BTG Global Advisory’s Annual Meeting

Kobre & Kim’s Farrington Yates will join a panel of experts at BTG Global Advisory’s Annual Meeting in Toronto on May 15th to discuss litigation finance. 

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Events May 14, 2019

Daniel Lee on the Challenges of Conducting Internal Investigations

Seoul-based attorney Daniel Lee moderated a panel discussing best practices for conducting effective internal investigations in both South Korea and abroad at the ALB Korea Anti-Corruption Forum on May 9 in Seoul.

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Events May 10, 2019

John Han and Randall Arthur Explore Asset Tracing and Recovery Strategies at KNect in Singapore

Whether victims of fraud are at the beginning stages of their suit or in the middle of a contentious insolvency or litigation process, monetizing claims against debtors has proven difficult—particularly when multiple jurisdictions are involved.

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Events May 8, 2019

Jian Wu Discusses Dispute Resolution Between Chinese Investors and Local African Partners

Kobre & Kim’s Jian Wu will utilize his experience in multijurisdictional investigations to discuss the unique challenges facing China-based companies operating in Africa at New York City Bar’s “Chinese Energy and Infrastructure Projects in Emerging Markets” panel in New York on May 9th.

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