Many of our engagements involve matters in which our clients face significant public attention. The following is a list of news stories about the firm, our clients, cases and the results we have achieved.

Events November 19, 2015

William McGovern Discusses White-Collar Crime in Asia and the U.S.

Former U.S. government litigator William McGovern, a member of the firm’s Asia Government Enforcement Defense team, explored the current trends and developments in corporate criminal liability across the U.S., Hong Kong, and China at the ABA Criminal Justice Section’s Global White Collar Crime Institute in Shanghai.

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Events November 17, 2015

Vasu Muthyala Dissects Corruption and Risk in Indo-U.S. Business Relations at the U.S. India Business Council’s Annual Legal Services Conference in Delhi and Mumbai

Vasu Muthyala, a Hong Kong-based member of Kobre & Kim’s Government Enforcement Defense, discussed corruption and risk management in white-collar issues on a panel titled “White Collar Issues in Indo-US Context: A Commercial Approach Toward Risk Management.” 

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Events October 26, 2015

Partner Steven Perlstein Explores Considerations for Securities Firms Under SEC Amendments

At the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Internal Auditors Society (IAS) Annual Conference, Steven Perlstein provided an overview of the new auditing standards applicable to the examination of broker-dealers under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission amendments to Rule 17a5. 

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Events October 13, 2015

Steven Perlstein Discusses Cyber Breach Response Management

Partner Steven Perlstein served as a panelist for a program titled “Under Attack: Cyberdefense in the Network Age,” presented by 100 Women in Hedge Funds. 

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Events September 24, 2015

Shaun Z. Wu Discusses Strategies to Manage Cross-Border Disputes at Asialaw Dispute Resolution Summit

Shaun Z. Wu chaired the opening panel “Strategies for Success: Managing Cross-Border Disputes” at the Asialaw Asia-Pacific Dispute Resolution Summit 2015 to discuss predispute preparation, execution of multijurisdictional strategies, and effective management of cross-border proceedings.

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Events July 21, 2015

William McGovern Presents at the 6th Annual Global Forum on Anti-Corruption Compliance in High Risk Markets

Hong Kong-based William McGovern participated on the panel titled “Rise in Individual Liability — How to Prepare for Increased Arrests, Dawn Raids and Executive Liability Charges in China and Indonesia?” at the Global Forum on Anti-Corruption Compliance in High Risk Markets.

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Events June 29, 2015

Roger Burlingame Discusses Third-Party Anti-Corruption Compliance in London

Former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor and London-based lawyer Roger Burlingame presented on the panel titled “Pushing Beyond the Paper to Ensure that Your Third Party Anti-Corruption Compliance Monitoring Program Can Stand Up to Government Scrutiny” at the Anti-Corruption: London Edition Conference on June 29.  

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Events June 23, 2015

Randall Arthur Analyzes the Role of Insolvency Administrations at Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery Asia

Randall Arthur presented on a panel titled “The Role of Insolvency Administrations in Global Asset Recovery,” at the Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery Conference in Hong Kong.

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Events June 12, 2015

Matthew Menchel Presents at "A View From the Bench: Legends of the Courtroom"

Director of the firm’s Center for Trial Advocacy Matthew Menchel participated in a seminar, “A View from the Bench: Legends of the Courtroom,” hosted by FIU College of Law and the Daily Business Review on June 12. 

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Events June 4, 2015

Jonathan Cogan Discusses Alternative Restructuring Solutions at the INSOL Bermuda One-Day Seminar

Jonathan Cogan participated on a panel titled “Alternative Reinsurance – Alternative Restructuring Solutions” at INSOL’s Bermuda One-Day Seminar on June 4.  

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Events May 18, 2015

Marcus Green Discusses Monetizing Arbitration Awards in International Energy Disputes at the Global Forum on Dispute Resolution for Oil & Gas Industry

Kobre & Kim lawyer Marcus Green presented at the Global Forum on Dispute Resolution for Oil & Gas Industry in Amsterdam on May 18.

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Events May 14, 2015

On-Demand Webinar: Kobre & Kim's Caribbean and Asia Teams Discuss Approaches to Finding and Recovering Assets Hidden in Offshore Locations

During this webinar, a panel of Kobre & Kim’s globally recognized team discusses how sophisticated judgment debtors and fraudsters frequently protect assets by holding them in a variety of complex offshore structures and vehicles around the world and how combating these techniques often requires multifaceted strategies to ensure efficient and prompt recovery.

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Events May 7, 2015

Eric Snyder Discusses Criminal Tax Issues at the IBA 18th Annual Transnational Crime Conference

Eric Snyder served as a panel moderator at the International Bar Association’s 18th Annual Transnational Crime Conference in Berlin on May 7. 

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Events May 5, 2015

Sean Casey and William McGovern Discuss the Risks of FATCA at the OffshoreAlert Conference

Former U.S. government litigators Sean Casey and William McGovern, members of the firm’s Government Enforcement Defense team, presented at the OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami on May 5. 

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Events May 4, 2015

Matthew Menchel Discusses U.S. Tax Enforcement at the OffshoreAlert Conference

Lead trial lawyer and Director of the firm’s Center for Trial Advocacy Matthew Menchel presented at the OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami on May 4. 

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