Publications August 17, 2017

Firm Co-Founder Steven Kobre Discusses Law Firm Innovation and Delivering Client Value with The American Lawyer

Change is the only constant in the business of law, and meeting market demands requires firms to adapt. Firm co-founder Steven Kobre sits down with The American Lawyer to discuss innovation as part of Kobre & Kim’s DNA and how the firm maintains an experimental culture that promotes client-focused results.

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Publications August 16, 2017

Jason Masimore, Robin Rathmell and Brad Samuels on Strategizing Against a Surprise Seizure by the U.S. Government

Former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Jason Masimore, along with Washington DC-based lawyers Robin Rathmell and Brad Samuels, offer advice on asset recovery following a government asset seizure in Wealth Management

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Publications August 14, 2017

Benjamin Sauter and David McGill Examine U.S. Regulatory Turf War Over Digital Currency Trading

Benjamin Sauter and David McGill examine how a new class of digital currency-based financial products could impact the balance of power among U.S. regulators.

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Publications August 14, 2017

Benjamin Sauter and David McGill Offer Insight on the SEC’s New Digital Currency Oversight

Benjamin Sauter and David McGill, government enforcement defense lawyers who represent clients in trading disputes and other matters involving complex financial technologies, discuss the implications for companies and individuals involved in initial coin offerings, and how they can prepare for the regulatory risks ahead.

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Publications August 14, 2017

Vasu Muthyala Examines the New Government Enforcement Landscape for Financial Crime in the PRC

Hong Kong-based former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Vasu Muthyala speaks with Trace International about fraud and corruption in China, including how the quickly evolving regulatory landscape impacts multinational companies operating there.

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Publications July 31, 2017

Roger Burlingame and Rachel Goldstein Explore the UK SFO's Fate in Law360 Article

Just as the UK’s Serious Fraud Office begins to deliver on its promise to join the U.S. Department of Justice as a threat to obtain big-money deferred prosecution agreements and secure high-profile white-collar convictions, its fate is in doubt — a prospect that would hobble UK domestic enforcement and lead to further expansion of the DOJ’s already-robust role in policing London markets and UK corporates.


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Publications July 27, 2017

Michael Kim Discusses Anti-Money Laundering Concerns for Companies in South Korea

Firm co-founder Michael Kim, a Seoul-based former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor, discusses the importance of anti-money laundering measures for companies in Korea.

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Publications July 10, 2017

John Han and Jason Kang Discuss Using U.S. Discovery for Proceedings in Asia

Hong Kong-based disputes lawyers John Han and Jason Kang discuss ways for litigants in foreign proceedings to use Section 1782 applications to obtain documents and testimony from third parties in the U.S.

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Publications June 29, 2017

Cross-Border Team Offers Strategies for U.S. Law Firms Facing Discovery Of Foreign Clients' Records

Steven Kobre and John Han offer strategies for mitigating risk when handling foreign clients' records across borders.

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Publications June 28, 2017

As Cryptocurrency ICOs Surge in Popularity, David McGill and Benjamin Sauter Analyze the Role of U.S. Regulators

Benjamin Sauter and David McGill, who represent clients in trading disputes and other matters involving complex financial technologies and government enforcement actions, offer answers on the viability of crypocurrency, the future of the digital currency market, and potential avenues for government regulation. 

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Publications June 22, 2017

Roger Burlingame, Jason Masimore and Nathaniel Barber Author Chapter on Securities Regulation and Investigations Across EMEA

Government enforcement defense lawyers Roger Burlingame, Jason Masimore and Nathaniel Barber address in a recent chapter of Global Investigations Review's The European, Middle Eastern and African Investigations Review 2017 how the securities enforcement agencies have pushed new frontiers since the beginning of this year, breaking new ground in their quest to aggressively detect and stop violations around the globe, including across EMEA.

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Publications June 9, 2017

Global Asset Tracing and Recovery Team Examines Whether the EU Has Made Cross-Border Asset Preservation Easier

Members of our international judgment enforcement team explore the implications of the European Account Preservation Order on litigants.

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Publications June 7, 2017

Former U.S. Department of Justice Prosecutors Explore U.S. Regulation’s Impact on Israeli Companies

Given Israel’s increasingly outward-facing economy, Israeli companies and management personnel face increasing exposure to U.S. regulatory and prosecutorial oversight. 

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Publications June 2, 2017

Hong Kong-U.S. Team Analyzes the Rise in Cross-Territorial Government Enforcement Actions Between U.S. and China

New York and Hong Kong-based former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission branch chief William F. McGovern, along with Hong Kong-based lawyers Shaun Z. Wu and Nan Wang, analyzes recent U.S. enforcement actions in China and implications for multinational companies in a recent Westlaw Journal article. 

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